Programming is fun!

Let's Code! is a prototype from Pearson Future Technologies to encourage kids to learn more about programming and help them get started in creating their own web applications.

Follow the introductory lessons below to get an idea of how Let's Code! works...

Currently best with Chrome, Safari or Firefox. (Tell me more)

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Let's Code! alpha

Lesson 1

Introduction to Let's Code!

This lesson will show you the basics of how to get started with Let's Code!.

Lesson 2

Adding and editing objects

The second lesson shows you how to add a new object to your app, and connect objects together to make an interactive game.


Welcome to Let's Code!

Let's Code! is a simple web-based prototype, and as such doesn't have a full set of features yet.

The idea is to give you an understanding of the concept, and what a final product might be able to do.

As such, the lessons form the main part of the experience right now, but later on you'll be able to:

  • Create your own projects
  • Save your progress online as you go
  • Share your work and collaborate with others
  • Create your own objects and object libraries
  • Publish your work so that it can be run on computers and tablets
  • Learn by going through more lessons and exercises

Let's Code! currently works best with Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Let's Code! is a prototype developed in a short timeframe, so unfortunately we have not yet had time to test it fully in more browsers. Plus, we wanted to explore new HTML and CSS features.

Right now, it is unlikely to work in Internet Explorer or older versions of any browsers.

As for mobile and tablet support, it should mostly work on the iPad, although the screen size is a bit small to fit everything in.

Source Code

Want to check out the source? You can find the GitHub repository here:

Please see the README for more information.

Privacy and terms

Let's Code! does not collect any user data and it does not use cookies.

It's hosted on a third-party platform, GitHub Pages, so please see their own terms of service.

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